About Us
The Truss Times is an online news portal, managed by well educated reporters and content writers. The content write ups we have is all about raising the truth to the world. The Truss Times brings also the opportunity for the aware people those who want to participate in the publishing agency to publish their own write ups online with their names.
How Does It Work
The Truss Times today’s revolutionary News Portal is one of the best collection of most up-to-the-minute contemporary and powerful news brands of this era. The Truss Times News Portal features include both the simple and world-class brands. On your platform of choice we are always committed to deliver the true stories that are compelling, diverse and visually engaging. Keeping all the people in mind we provide something for every news consumer with our comprehensive offerings that deliver the best in breaking news, live video coverage, original journalism, citizen / open source journalism, lifestyle features, commentary and local updates.
How We Are Different from Others
We offer the platform and you as the audience plays the key role by joining us. All regular peoples are invited to become contributors, especially those who want to discuss the real issues that affect their daily lives and create an environment for revolution to change overall society. Just keep in mind that it’s not necessary to be a professional journalist to publish on The Truss Times, we just need an alert and awarded citizen who eagerly want to step ahead toward the development of the Nation. As we believe that we will bring forward the real problems of all its audience or readers by giving them the freedom to speak and raise the issues that never done before and don’t remains just end consumers of news by collaborating with us. On The Truss Times news are always based on the solid facts or truthful resources.