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Is it really possible to live a life without crushing tension or stress in modern world? It is true that stress is a natural phenomenon given to us by the nature to deal with day to day problems or emergency. Stress spurs a man to action. There are other simple methods to reduce tension. Fortunately the best treatment is easy and it costs nothing. And the best of the benefits is that you don’t get any side-effects.


Here are some tips:



Talk to people in your family


You may not be talking to your loved ones, or maybe no one’s starting any conversation. The easiest way to start a conversation is to tell them what you’ve done through the day, and ask them what had chanced with them.


Listen to music


Music has got a lot of power to relieve your mind. I am a musician and play many instruments. Music has the power to change the pattern of impulses in your brain. Avoid soft music to relieve you. This is a rubbish convection. It has been scientifically proven that soft or sad music can make you even more Unhappy. My advice is that you buy an iPod and listen to all the stuff that you prefer.




Think Positive


Dont even remember all the negatives that had chanced on you through the day. You must think about what’s to be done, rather than what’s happened to you. Think of your future instead.


Share your secrets with someone.


If you have trouble doing this, surround yourself with kind, loving friends and see how they talk to you. Be sure that you talk to them the same way. Eventually, you learn to be just as kind to yourself as your supportive friends are.



Take it Easy


It is true that you can’t do without work. We must work very hard to achieve. It is good for health and mind. But once a day at least for one hour it is useful to forget work and do the things which relax you.


Simplify Your Life


A man makes his life complicated himself and gets in the grip of Tension wave. Too many expectations, too many aims, too many friends to appease, too many love affairs to handle – bothering you from all the sides the whole day and the whole month. Simplify your life – have only one love affair or wife, have a few good friends, have one or two aims in life. You can’t handle everything efficiently. After all you are a human being.

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