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Truss Times‘s insight:

Pakistan terror threat to Sriharikota.

Chennai: The CISF has beefed up its vigil of the Indian space ce­n­tre, located in Srihar­ikota on the TN-Andhra Pradesh border, based on the Cen­tr­al alert that militants from Pakistan may travel thro­­gh Lanka and launch an attack on vital installations on the TN coast, including the ports, from the sea.


“There is a threat from the sea to the Satish Dh­a­w­an Space Centre in Sri­har­ikota and three major ports, incl­u­d­ing Chennai port, in TN. W­e have incre­ased our vig­il, doubling the shifts, we function with limited staff,” a senior CISF official said.


The CISF has also been asked to safeguard all the vessels, harboured in ports like Chennai, Ennore and Thoothukudi, from possible attacks, the official added.


The Intelligence Bureau had been issuing a series of alerts on Pak-trained milit­ants trying to infiltrate the TN coast to unleash terror in the state. The state poli­ce, along with the Coast Guard and Navy, has alre­ady started 24-hour patrolling of the sea after the alerts from Delhi started coming last week.


“The alert indicated that the Pak militants may use My­laduthurai as a possible dr­op zone after travelling fr­om Lanka via the sea. We ha­ve been receiving alerts on Madurai for the last six ye­ars, but nothing happe­n­ed so far.  Now the Central ag­­ency is saying that Pak mi­­­l­itants may reach My­l­a­d­u­thurai by boat from La­n­ka,” a police officer noted.

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